Alternatives To Dog Crates

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There are a lot of reasons that you or your dog may not happy with the idea of a crate.  Some dogs just don’t acclimate to a crate, and that’s fine.  There are several alternatives to dog crates that will get you the same result of safety for your dog. Free Roam This is ideal … Read more

Are dog crate covers safe?

dog crate covers

  When done correctly, crate training can help your dog develop a into a good canine citizen.  Many dog crates are wire and or see through so many pet parents use dog crate covers.  If you’re wondering whether or not covering your dog’s cage is a good idea, consider your home setting, your dog, and … Read more

Why We Love the Impact Dog Crate

impact dog crate Review

The Impact Dog Crate Collapsible and Stationary Crates are part of the range of American-made products produced by Impact Dog Crates in Northern Idaho.  These crates are marketed as heavy-duty dog crates that put the safety of your dog first.  These crates are both safe and secure with a durable metal body, comfortable foam pads, … Read more

Keep an Eye on Your Dog with a Pet Monitor

keep an eye on your dog

If you are reading this website, you are concerned about your dog’s well-being.  Do you have to stay late at work?  Are you going on vacation and do you have a pet sitter?  A pet monitor allows you to care for your dog from afar and see what they are up to when you are … Read more

How to Crate Train Your Dog

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  Crate training will take some work, but if you go about it the right way, it can be fun for both you and your dog!  If you properly train your dog to use the crate, he will see it as his place of refuge and will willingly spend time in it. Crate training can … Read more

The Best Small Dog Crate 2022

If you’ve got a small dog, the Petmate Vari Kennel is the best dog crate for small dogs on the market today.  The Petmate Vari is perfect for dogs up to 10 pounds.  This kennel is great for traveling with its tie-down strap holes, wire vents for ventilation & a raised interior to keep pets … Read more

5 Best Crate Safe Toys for Dogs

When you’re not at home, a crate can keep your pet safe.  However, problems occur when pet owners confine their pets for extended periods of time with no stimulation or entertainment.  As a result, some dogs may see their crates as a prison rather than a secure refuge. Toys can teach vital skills and habits … Read more

Quick Crate Training Trick: The Lock Out

quick crate training trick

Here’s a quick crate training trick I used with my dog Layla: The Lock Out. This uses the “make your idea their idea then let them do it” philosophy that works so very well and is sure to get you what you need from those stubborn pups! Take something your pup really likes—a favorite toy, … Read more

5 Best Escape Proof Dog Crate 2022

Best Heavy Duty Escape Proof Dog Crate

So you’re here because your dog is a Houdini escape artist.  What kind of things should you look for when you’re in the market for an escape proof dog crate? As you’ll see in this article, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. For some people, the most important consideration is the price; if you’re a first-time buyer, … Read more