How to Keep Your Dog From Escaping His Crate

A dog crate is one of the best inventions ever made for dog owners.  If you have a dog crate, you can bring your dog with you when you travel.  A dog crate can also be used to help housebreak your dog.  However, it is of no use if you can’t keep your dog from escaping his carte.

One of the most common mistakes people make when they first get a dog crate is that they don’t know how to use it properly.  If your dog is escaping from his crate, you are probably doing something wrong.

To prevent escapes, you’ll first need to find out how your dog is getting out of their crate, and more importantly, why they are so determined to get out?

Why Does My Dog Keep Escaping His Crate?

Before we talk about how to keep your dog from escaping his crate, we should first deal with why he or she is escaping in the first place.

Your dog may keep escaping his crate because of the following reasons.

  • They are left alone for long periods of time without opportunities for interaction with you.
  • Their environment is relatively barren, without playmates or toys.
  • They are a puppy or adolescent (under three years old) and don’t have other outlets for their energy.
  • They are a particularly active type of dog (like the herding or sporting breeds) and need an active “job” in order to be happy.
  • They visit places after each escape that provide them with interaction and fun things to do. For example, they may go play with a neighbor’s dog or visit the local school yard to play with the children.
  • They may escape during their heat period in search of a partner
  • Your dog may escape in fear, especially if exposed to loud noises

How Does Your Dog Escape from His Crate?

Knowing how your dog gets out from his crate will help you to modify your dog’s crate. sometimes, the quality of your dog’s crate comes into play.

Dogs can be persistent… especially when they feel confined in a place for too long such as in a crate. in this case, they bite, dig, jump until they successfully breakout from their crate.

They angrily tear out on their crate (especially a less well-built wire crate) until they can escape.

This repeated attempts to escape comes with its consequence as your dog may suffer broken teeth or nails or even an internal injury. This why a proper crate training is required for every dog owner.

Now, let’s look at how to to keep your dogs from escaping their crate

How o Keep Your Dog from Escaping His Crate

1. Get to know how they got out in the first place

This is where you stop them at the source. The first step is to reverse engineer how they manage to get out and then use whatever you need to fix that problem.

For example, if they can turn the cage latch, use a padlock or zip tie to secure it. Or if they managed to break the bars, then it is necessary to get a stronger crate.

2. Provide a suitable crate for your dog

This is the NUMBER ONE way to keep your dog from getting out. If your dog has successfully escaped, a simple wire cage won’t cut it here. You need a crate that can’t be ripped apart while you’re gone. You can check out our top recommendations here.

3. Trick Your Dog

Set a trap for your puppy. You do this by pretending to leave and then come back to catch them in the act. Make sure they know you don’t approve or they will try less often. You don’t have to get angry, just make sure you stand firm and they know you mean it.

4. Keep Your Dog Entertained

Avoid boredom. A bored dog will most likely try to escape. If you can distract them with a dog toy or treat, they will be much more satisfied just staying in their house. Dogs just want to play and have fun. If they see that something fun is going on and they aren’t involved, they will feel like they are missing out.

Another great trick you can try is to fill a Kong toy with treats. They will spend hours licking and trying to get into the treat!

5. Engage Your Dog in Regular Exercise

Walk them regularly. Pent-up aggression can make any breed restless.  Make sure they are working on their fitness. If you’re lucky, they’ll be “dog tired” and might pass out after a long run in the local park.

6. Don’t Be Dramatic When You Leave

Don’t spoil them too much. When you pamper them and get excited every time you arrive or leave the house, they will miss you more in turn and are much more likely to break out of their cage or yard to try to find you.

7. Rotate Your Dog’s Toys

Always rotate your the type of toys and treats you buy for your dog.  New things lead to a more entertained dog.

Wrapping Up… 

Applying what we have already discussed above will help you greatly to effectively manage your dog.