Do You Really Need a Dog Crate Bed?

Does your dog really need a dog crate bed? Let’s figure it out and then talk about what kind of bed might work best for them.


Young puppies are more likely than older dogs to make a mess in their crate and ruin the bedding so it’s important to start small and cheap.

If your puppy is small and/or short-haired, they are more likely to want and need extra bedding.
Lazing around on hard metal all day is not comfortable or warm.  These thin-coated dogs will snuggle up lap to keep warm if you’re sitting close enough so you want to provide the same sort of comfort when you aren’t there.

If your puppy has a thick coat and /or is a big dog, they are more likely to sleep on tile floors rather than seeking out warmth.  If you want your dog comfortable and safe, watch for where and how he choses to sleep.  By the same token, if you have an aggressive chewer, they’ll shred everything in sight anyway so what’s the point?

Fleece is a great material to use for bedding because it’s less prone than other types of fabrics or towels for shredding.  With fleece, you can easily wash and dry your pup’s blanket quickly! Fold up their favorite blanket in half so that it’s not too big for the pup.

I like the Comsmart Pet Blanket Dog Cat Soft Fleece Blankets.  These are cheap and effective with 6 to a pack so you’ll never run out even on laundry day!


For some dogs, bedding is a necessity.  If your dog is thin and /or short-haired, they may need and enjoy the extra layer warm of warmth and comfort.  If that’s your dog, the MidWest Quiet Time Pet Bed Deluxe Black Fur Pet Mat is a great choice, affordable, durable and comfy.

Again, observe your dog.  My Bernese Mountain Dog, on the other hand is built for winter.  She will seek out cool tile, so she prefers her crate without a bed.  By the same token, if you have an aggressive chewer, a crate bed may just turn into another toy.  In that case, save your money!

If you have an older dog, it can be tough to keep your dog comfortable as they age and/or get sore from various conditions.  Do not worry! There are plenty of beds on the market that will work for any type or size pet-even those with joint pain issues like arthritis – just make sure you select one which is both supportive AND waterproof (in case there is any leakage issue).  The Big Barker Orthopedic 4″ Dog Crate Pad is a great choice for an large, older dog.  This is a thickly lined crate bed with 4-inch deluxe orthopedic support foam and a sturdy tear-resistant cover that is 100% waterproof.  This bed is also made in the USA, so you know you’re going to have solid quality.  The high-quality foam in this pad is thick and supportive and won’t fold over or flatten over time.  The AIPERRO Dog Crate Pad
is a washable, non-skid choice for your smaller dog.