Best Soundproof Dog Crate of 2022

We are going to show you the best soundproof dog crate as well as how to soundproof your existing dog crate.  Soundproof crates can provide a safe space for your dog.  Many dogs – including mine- experience extreme anxiety when they hear loud noises such as fireworks, thunderstorms or even trains.  If your dog suffers from this anxiety, you need to create a safe space for your pet.

The easiest option is to keep a proven soundproof crate on hand.  Our top choice is the ZenCrate Smart Anxiety Relief Crate.

Eventually, your dog will learn to associate with his crate for safety and will automatically withdraw into it when loud noises occur.  So even if you are not at home, you don’t have to worry about your dog.

What is a Soundproof Dog Crate?

Soundproof dog crates are crates made of sound-absorbing materials. The materials used to produce the crates can absorb your dog’s barks as well the scary noises from the outside world.  Taking stock of your pet’s response to loud noises is the first step in determining which sound-insulated crate is best for your household.

Top Soundproof Dog Crate

These is the best soundproof dog crate on the marketplace.

1. ZenCrate Smart Anxiety Relief Crate

Zencrate started to protect dogs from the noise that causes anxiety, including fireworks and thunderstorms.


  • Automatic fan for improved ventilation and white noise
  • Battery backup to keep your pet calm during power outages
  • Computer-controlled, motion-activated music with a curated anti-anxiety playlist
  • Free mobile application on iTunes and Google Play Store
  • Sound deadening to reduce anxiety
  • Vibration damping feet to insulate against thunderstorms and fireworks

This product is an excellent remedy for your dog’s anxiety and is extremely durable. The wooden design looks high-end and features sound-dampening technology that reduces physical vibrations in the environment.

What I don’t like about Zencrate is the price, but it is worth every penny if you have an anxious pet.

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How To Soundproof A Dog Crate

1. Try a Crate Cover

If you already have a crate that your dog likes, you can add a crate cover to it.  Ultimately, when it comes to preventing noise from entering a dog crate, a crate cover will help to soundproof the area.

The Pet Dreams Crate Cover provides all-round coverage and padding. The cover consists of three parts, so that the crate can be covered both inside and outside.

It includes an outer cover that blocks out sound before it reaches the crate.  As well as an interior floor cushion that creates a soft, comfortable space for your nervous pet. It also has a foam bumper, which protects your pet.

This cover is made of breathable materials that are machine washable.

2. Moving Blankets

A cheaper option for soundproofing your dog crate is by using a moving blanket. Professional moving blankets are different from the ordinary blankets that you already have at home.

What makes the blankets unique is the padded construction. Moving blankets are made up of layers, with the outer layers made of soft fabric and the inner layer made of a thin layer of padding.

This special construction makes moving blankets an excellent source for absorbing and blocking sound waves. In addition, these blankets can be easily washed and stored if necessary. Hence, this can be a good option for you if you only need to soundproof your crate occassionally.

3. Pad the Crate with Acoustic Panels

if you only need to cover a small area, acoustic foam panels are a cheap and easy solution. This option is good for small and medium dogs who get nervous during thunderstorms and fireworks. By applying the acoustic panels to the crate, the dog will experience less noise.

How to cover a dog crate with acoustic foam panels

Start by measuring both sides of the box, as well as the top, bottom, and outside walls. Then buy enough acoustic panels to cover this area efficiently. The pads are usually sold in 1- to 2-foot squares.

You can use various techniques to attach the panels to the box.

An easy option that won’t puncture the panels is to pick up a bag of medium to large size binder clips from an office supply store and use the clips to attach the panel to the box itself. The clips are affordable and hold the panels securely in place.

Once you have acquired all the necessary hardware, you are ready to soundproof your pet’s crate. You may need to cut the panels to size, so grabbing scissors is recommended as well.

Work from the bottom up, covering the inside of the chest first. When you get to the walls and top of the chest, make sure you overlap the panels.

For example, the panels at the top of the box should hang about an inch over the panels on the side of the box. This prevents cracks between panels and thoroughly blocks the soundwaves.

Wrapping Up…

Unlike us, the dog’s hearing ability is very high and sensitive to certain sounds such as firecrackers, thunderstorms, loud music and so on.  So, the soundproof dog crates are a safe and comfortable  effective option to consider.