Is a Dog Crate Bad?

Is a dog crate bad? Well, that depends on who you ask.  Some dog owners crate their pets for potty training, while others see it as a way to provide their dog with a safe space.  And then there are those who view crate training as a form of animal cruelty.  So, which is it? … Read more

Using a Play Pen for a Puppy


Sometimes the simplest solution is the best.  Many new pet parents feel overwhelmed when their new companion decides to explore its new environment.  Puppies are quick!  And those tiny teeth are sharp.  Not to mention the hidden dangers in the corners and cabinets of many homes.  Keeping track of the puppy can become a full-time … Read more

Methods to Clean Carpets with Pets

cleaning carpets with pets

Dogs are amazing friends and companions.  But no one ever said that they are neat.  In fact, according to various findings by microbiologists, carpets usually harbor bacteria, germs, and allergens without you even realizing it.  Humans and our pets bring pollutants into the home on shoes and feet.  Here are some methods to keep your … Read more

Keep an Eye on Your Dog with a Pet Monitor

keep an eye on your dog

If you are reading this website, you are concerned about your dog’s well-being.  Do you have to stay late at work?  Are you going on vacation and do you have a pet sitter?  A pet monitor allows you to care for your dog from afar and see what they are up to when you are … Read more