How to Insulate a Dog Crate

How to Insulate a Dog Crate [Wire and Plastic Crate]

Like anyone else, dogs in their crates need shelter in cold weather and a place to escape the direct sun in warm weather. To make sure your dog is comfortable in their crate, you need to know how to insulate a dog crate for the cold and warm seasons and also for travelling. Dog crates … Read more

How To Make A Dog Crate More Comfortable

How To Make A Dog Crate More Comfortable

Making your dog crate more comfy will help greatly with crate training. To make a dog crate more comfortable, there are a number of accessories you should consider. Crate accessories include a crate liner such as a dog bed or blanket, depending on how well your dog is trained.  Also consider dog toys to make … Read more

Where in Your House Should You Put the Dog Crate?

Where to Put a Dog Crate in the House

Where should you put the dog crate?  Dog crates are great for keeping your dog away from mischief in the house as well as providing safety and comfort.  In this post, we’ll reveal some of the best dog crate placement locations. Choosing the Location for Your Dog Crate These are some of the factors you must … Read more

Best Dog Crates with a Wooden Cover and DIY Version!

best dog crate with wooden cover

Dog crate covers are a great way to make your dog’s crate a bit more stylish and comfortable, but not all covers are created equal.  So let’s talk about the best dog crate with a wooden cover. A dog crate with a wooden is not only the place where your dog or puppy securely rests, … Read more

How to Fold a Dog Crate

How to fold a dog crate instructions

Crates are important to dogs as the crate can make them feel safe and secure.  Crates also are a traveling essential. Read on for step by step instructions on how to fold a dog crate. All foldable metal crates are quick and easy to assemble and disassemble, making them ideal for those travelling with pets.  … Read more

Using a Play Pen for a Puppy


Sometimes the simplest solution is the best.  Many new pet parents feel overwhelmed when their new companion decides to explore its new environment.  Puppies are quick!  And those tiny teeth are sharp.  Not to mention the hidden dangers in the corners and cabinets of many homes.  Keeping track of the puppy can become a full-time … Read more

Richell Pet Pen Review 2022

Richell Pet Pen

The Richell Pet Pet is an unique crate choice for small and medium pets.  First, it is a mobile pen (comes with wheels!), so it is perfect if you want a crate that can be moved to where you need it.  For example, I move mine from the living room to the bedroom so my … Read more

5 Best Dog Crate Covers

A comfy cabana

A dog crate is a safe place for your dog and one of these best dog crate covers can turn a wire crate into a cozy den.  A dog crate cover usually is big enough to cover the dog crate from all sides and makes the crate more private.  The dog crate cover also is … Read more

How to Stop Your Dog From Crying in His Crate

How to Stop Your Dog Crying in it’s Crate

Pet parents often struggle with a dog who cries in his crate.  They don’t know why their dog is crying or how to stop it.  This blog post will teach you how to stop your dog crying in his crate and will provide you with a process to follow when your dog is crying. A … Read more

How to Secure Your Dog in the Cargo Area of an SUV

How to Secure Dog in Cargo Area of SUV

The cargo area of your SUV is the safest place to secure your dog.  But the question remains: “How to Secure Your Dog in the Cargo Area of an SUV.   Making sure your dog stays secure and comfortable while travelling is very important. The good news is no matter what size SUV you have, you … Read more